Simplicity & Courage

The Nike swoosh, the Target circles, the Coke Spencerian script, and the Apple apple are shining examples of simplicity—simple, flat, one-color shapes for a brandmark. Were the designers of these cultural icons lazy? Far from it. They were confident, wise, and visionary designers who understood the power of simplicity. One could say, simple is the mark of confidence.

A lot of branding work I see today is littered with design trash that’s merely eye candy, time-stamped with an expiration date. Short term is rarely good in the world of branding. I get most excited about building brands with a future in mind, and usually the road to get there is titled “keep it simple, stupid.” Simple is no excuse for uninteresting. Boring isn’t acceptable either.

I have found most people are scared of simple because they lack confidence. The voices in their heads say:

What if my boss doesn’t like this? 
What if no one gets it? 
Does this have enough of the “wow” factor?

Going simple takes courage. Courage in yourself, the people involved, the process, and your business. Part of our job is to instill courage in our clients, which I love. I hope you have the courage to make something simple today.