Brands that Stop Time

And to be completely honest, this word drives me crazy. Everyone wants their brandmark or design to be "timeless." What does that mean? What constitutes something never being affected by the passage of time? Why is that the goal? Particularly in business, can you name one thing that has lasted forever? What's wrong with making something look current? Sorry, no more questions.'

A lot of times things like this or this, get referenced as "timeless," but the truth is, these are just good, successful companies. The brandmark feels timeless because the brand is still relevant, and that brand is still relevant because they have made, and continue to make, good decisions.

When IBM decided on their mark, I can almost guarantee the words, "We're looking for something that'll last for the next 50 years…" were not mentioned in the meeting. If timeless is your goal, you'll never get there. Just try to be good. These "timeless" things are well-built. They aren't filled with marketing fluff, gradients and lens flares, just simple, smart choices. Good decisions equal good business.